If You Are An American, Do This For The Rest Of Us

I'm not an American, so a letter from me to the President isn't going to make no-never mind. But to any Americans reading this, please do as Bll Nye asks (always a good plan anyway) and send letters to the President asking him to restore the budgets for planetary exploration.

Why? Because when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, it was with an American patch on his sleeve, on the back of an American rocket, paid for using American tax dollars. And it changed the world. It doesn't matter who pays for this stuff, it benefits everybody.

And that's not to say there shouldn't be other countries trying to get to where the Americans are, or help fund or develop technologies to accomplish these tasks, because they should. They need to. But the Americans have been at this the longest, they have the labs and the structures and the people in place that make it such a smaller step forward for them. And the Americans cutting their NASA and science budgets, considering they are such a small line item in the total yearly budgets, makes no kind of sense.

Because landing a rover on Mars is good for everyone. Landing people on Mars is better for everyone. Finding out if life exists in the massive, moon-spanning ocean under the ice of Europa is fantastic for everyone. And yet, America once again, has the majority of the power.

America: don't screw this up for the rest of us.

Via The Mary Sue.
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