Marvel Phase 2 Continues To Be A Thing

Honestly, it seems like every day there is something new coming out about Marvel's Phase 2, so I'm just going to start gathering it together, and dumping it at the end of the week.

Iron Man 3 is expected to release the first teaser trailer towards the end of the month, while they finish filming following a brief break while Robert Downey Jr got over an injury sustained on the set. Above is a new set image, showing the newest power suit, apparently the Mark 47 (or, Mustard Armour) standing along side the Iron Patriot, which is now thought to be a repaint of the War Machine armour. Until that gets proven wrong, and somebody comes up with a new theory.

Thor: The Dark World seems not to have slowed production any, despite star Jaimie Alexander being "horribly injured" during filming. According to the actress' Twitter feed, the undisclosed injury could have been much worse, possibly resulting in paralysis. She was seeing specialists, and is undergoing physiotherapy and a heavy drug regiment. What this means for the film is yet unknown. Alexander's Sif was expected to have a much larger role in the sequel, as early set pictures have suggested. Whether her scenes will be shifted to the end of the production schedule, or the role will be reduced and shifted to other characters, like the Warriors Three, is yet to be seen. The actress herself is hoping for the former. Here's hoping she has a speedy recovery.

Hit the jump for some Captain America news.

Captain America: The Winter Solider is quickly approaching its scheduled start date, and they are still hammering out the details. As previously reported, the search continues for a leading lady, presumably to play Sharon Carter, decedent of the first film's Peggy Carter. Generally, I don't like to report casting news until it's official, but I need to fill out the word count. A month ago, the list was down to three names. Now, it's down to five. Wait... Yes, of the original three presumptive actresses, only Imogen Poots remains, but new options include Game of Thrones' Emelia Clarke, Downton Abbey's Jessica Findlay Brown, The Sorcerer's Apprentice's Teresa Palmer, and Community's Alison Brie. Clearly, the producers are looking for a British actress, or at least someone who can do a British accent. It might not be a surprise that my vote now goes to Brie, for three reasons: first, her Emily Blunt impression was pretty much the best thing about Five Year Engagement. Second, Community will probably be ending this year, and Brie deserves to be wildly successful afterwards. And finally, she's my favourite of any of those names. She certainly looks the most like Hayley Atwell, and has proven to be the perfect action hero.

Also in Cap news, reports are now that Scarlett Johansson will be reprising the role of the Black Widow in the film, and that her character's dark past, hinted at during the Avengers, will somehow involve The Winter Solider, as it does in the comics. This is good news. It's important that, in the wake of the Avengers, the characters branch out into the other franchises, to solidify the idea of a shared universe (and to fulfill the multi-film contracts the actors all signed). I was just saying the other day that, outside of an independent Hulk film, Ant-man is the non Avengers film that makes the most sense for Bruce Banner to reappear in. So, I welcome the return of the Widow, and hope that they actually use her, like Whedon did, and not just waste the opportunity, as Favreau did.

Via First Showing, The Mary Sue, Den of Geek, and Comic Book Movie.
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