Oh My God, The Green Squares Are On Fire!

I've always enjoyed video games for what they are, while I'm playing them, but never went out of my way to bury myself , like I do film. Except SimCity. It was one of the first computer games I owned, and I've always made a point of buying the new editions as they are released. I love the mechanics, the structure, the level of detail. Having to balance every element just right, while reacting to chaos. Or, building up a utopia, and unleash a giant eye monster on it.

Actually, I'll be perfectly honest, the part I like the most is the terrain builder. I'll spend hours sculpting the land, making the area perfect. I could care less about the city half the time, but building a network of islands for it to exist on, now that's good fun.

So, I eagerly await the release of what appears to be an insanely detailed game.

Via Topless Robot.
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