Robert Zemeckis Really Needs To Let This Go

Courtesy of Disney.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit is in my top five favourite films. Easily. So, when Robert Zemeckis starts going on about the sequel, or prequel, or whatever he thinks it's going to be, I get a little uneasy. Zemeckis recently said this, while promoting his new film, Flight:
I have a script [for a Roger Rabbit sequel] at Disney, and we’re just waiting for all the executive changes to settle down there.
I'm not uneasy about this prospect because Bob Hoskins has retired, and I think without Eddie Valiant, a follow up would be a pale, anemic copy of the original. It's because I honestly feel that not every movie demands a sequel, even popular or successful ones, and that Framed stands on its own, proud and unique. And that any followup would be a pale, anemic copy of the original (how many of these "twenty years later" sequels have been worth it?). Even that script they had ready back in the day about Roger fighting the Nazis isn't appealing. If Zemeckis wants to make a Toon Squad film, he can go right ahead. Just be decent and leave Roger Rabbit out of it.

I suppose we should all be grateful at least he's not taking about Back to the Future 4.

Via /Film.
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