The Evil Dead Remake May Very Well Swallow Your Soul

The full trailer is after the jump. I've included this teaser for the trailer up top because the actual trailer is incredibly gory, and because the teaser features Bruce Campbell saying "where's your art film now, baby?"

As Bruce Campbell pointed out yesterday, people tend to forget the original Evil Dead wasn't funny. Like, at all. Yes it was low budget, and that creates a certain level of unintentional humour, but the subject matter was played straight. It was only in the later instalments that Raimi and Campbell added in the one liners, the sight gags, the Three Stooges references. Much like Raimi's Spider-man trilogy, which eventually devolved into near-parody (maybe it's his coping mechanism for becoming disinterested in the subject).

So, the Evil Dead remake, by Fede Alvarez, and guided by Raimi and Campbell, sought to reclaim the original spirit of the film: mindless, gory violence. And going by this first trailer it appears like they've achieved just that. Looks like Campbell mixed up a extra large batch of his special fake blood, cause it is everywhere. As is an endless parade of death, dismemberment, possession, torment and one evil bastard of a book.

It also hits many of the check marks you'd expect from an Evil Dead film.
  • Someone chopping off their own hand (with an electric knife, no less).
  • What might be a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88.
  • Tree rape.
  • Raimi-cam (I'm torn about this. Campbell said specifically that the movie is not shot in Raimi style, but I guess this POV style camera movement is just as much a part of the Evil Dead films as it is Raimi's own style. Plus, it's the most effective way not to show the beastie.)
  • What appears to be a work shed.
And most importantly,
  • Chainsaw!
My biggest worry is that, in trying to ramp up the gory factor, they will succeed only in making torture porn, and not capture what makes the Evil Dead great, at all.

Hit the jump for the full trailer.
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