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A few weeks back, I mentioned the successful campaign (championed by Matt Iman) to fully fund the Tesla Science Centre, an organisation wishing to transform Tesla's former lab in New York State into the first North American museum honouring the brilliant inventor. The building was at risk of being bought by a developer, and required $850,000 to purchase. So the internet gave them $1.375 million. Cause sometimes, the internet is awesome that way.

And now the deal is done. The property, seen above, is now under the ownership of the Science Centre, who will be using the surplus to improve the facilities, because after two decades of disuse, both the grounds and the dilapidated building are in need of serious repairs. But, it is a couple steps closer to making this museum a reality. And a couple steps closer towards getting me to visit New York State.

Damn, doesn't it just scream old-timey science lab. You can practically see lightning bolts striking that tower.

Via ComicsAlliance.
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