The Hobbit Is Turning Into The Avengers, It's Releasing So Much Stuff

The above image is a screenshot from the new Hobbit inspired web (and app) game, Riddles in the Dark.

I know Ron, but I don't, I'm afraid. It's the one thing we disagree on. However, I love the Hobbit chapter, Riddles in the Dark, so I'm all for this additional form of advertising for the forthcoming movie.

In other Hobbit news, and surprising no one, Warner Bros has (kind of) announced that late quarter 2013 will see the release of the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey special extended edition. This confirms that, despite splitting one book into two films, into three films, there will still be enough material left on the cutting room floor to follow the suit of the Lord of the Rings.  Late next year suggests a release schedule similar to LotR, with the theatrical edition coming in the fall, and the extended editions coming in time for Christmas.

What isn't known is if the extended editions will be available on DVD and blu-ray. Personally, I hate blu-ray. It's not a replacement format, and is doomed to obscurity. You can tell by the fact that most blu-rays are sold paired with DVDs. If it were a replacement, DVD's would have been discontinued, rather then manufactured at the same, if not higher rate, then blu-rays. All it is now is a cash grab, and one that many companies use to screw us sensible DVD loyalists out of special features (I'm looking squarely at you, Disney). The special editions of Lord of the Rings were a pretty big feather in the early days of DVD's cap, and I would like to see that continue. But a dark place in the back of my mind makes me think Warner's will screw us, and release half editions of the extended cuts on DVD, and everything on blu-ray.

Release everything on DVD, Warner's. I'm warning you now...

Via The Mary Sue, and Den of Geek.
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