The Hobbit Posters Feature An Unexpected Character

New Line is really jumping on this whole "lets promote The Hobbit well in advance of Christmas, so we can be certain it makes many many monies." It seems like every day, they release a new poster, or a teaser image of a new character, or report that an all dwarf sex tape is quietly being shopped around Hollywood...

I like these posters, with the dwarves shedding the goofiness they displayed in the previous poster sets, in exchange for some ferociousness. The poster above also shows us what might well be the rock monster thing glimpsed in the trailer. Or, Beorn maybe? No, probably rock monster.

More interestingly, the second poster, seen below, heavily promotes the White Council, with Christopher Lee's Saruman front and centre. His absence in the trailer led me to believe that the White Council wouldn't appear in full until the second film. The image at the bottom of this posters suggests that the first film will feature the first denial of action by Saruman, and the second will feature the driving out of the Necromancer. Which also means that Benedict Cumberbatch's duel roles will (presumably) both be in the second of the trilogy.

Via The Mary Sue and Den of Geek.
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