Touch It Once, It Comes Back To Life

[Authors note: What follows is what was known Tuesday, which was apparently not much. I'm not going to remove it, but instead include a quote from Bryan Fuller that refutes the first paragraph. Everything else is as wild and possible as it ever was]

Bryan Fuller is a man who can't catch a break. Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies. Each utterly brilliant, and each utterly cancelled. It's gotten so bad that NBC has decided to cancel his newest show, Mockingbird Lane, the Munsters remake, before it even began. And I'm of two minds on this. On one mind, I wasn't overly excited about the show, as the Munsters were never my thing. On the other mind, I was interested to see what Fuller would do with it. That, and Portia De Rossi is always welcome on my TV screen. Girl is wicked funny.

Fuller has since claimed on Twitter that the Deadline report that issued this news is, and I quote, "dead wrong." So, there you go.

Further, Fuller has apparently hinted that Starz might be interested in reviving Pushing Daisies. Now, there is nothing to back this up except an off hand remark by Fuller, but I will gladly take it. Wonderfalls remains my favourite of his shows, but Pushing Daisies is pure bliss. And as far as I know, every single member of the cast is available (now that Lee Pace has escaped from Middle Earth). I've never been a religious or superstitious man, but if Buddha, or Cthulhu, or the Noid truly love us, they will make this happen.

Starz is really the US cable network to watch in the coming years. It is now where HBO was a decade ago, or Showtime was five years ago. A history of quality, if short lived, shows (Party Down, Boss), and a few hits (Spartacus, Torchwood, Pillars of the Earth) will make it a destination for more and more original programming. And the beauty thing is, they already know they are getting a top notch show out of Daisies.

Make this happen, Noid. I'm counting on you. Again...

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