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Back in the spring, Elijah Wood was a guest on the Colbert Report, during which time Colbert let slip that he had been on set of the Hobbit. Now, at the time, this was of little surprise. The man has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Lord of the Rings, which he has demonstrated in the past, most awesomely to "correct" CNN when they used an image of the Balrog when reporting on Satan, and proceeded to describe the history of the Balrog, in detail. He is also in possession of both Sting and Andúril, the latter of which was presented to him by Aragorn himself on the show, and hangs on the wall of the studio, beside Captain America's shield, and has used to absorb the journalism of fallen pundits, thus making Colbert unkillable.

Reports are surfacing now that while he was on set, which he can not discuss, he filmed a brief cameo for the films. When interviewed recently by Playboy, and asked if he was appearing in the films, Colbert answered, "Could be," then refused to answer any more questions on the subject. The Hollywood Reporter ran with this, and discovered that the "news" man will in fact be appearing in the second of the Hobbit films, The Desolation of Smaug. As to whom, and how large a role he will be playing, no word, though one expects it to be a minor role or cameo. And while his slightly Vulcan like ears might make him a good elf, I feel Colbert is better suited (literally, most days) to play one of the men of Lake-town. Who better to feel the news for Middle Earth then the man who recently gave himself the title of "Western Culture."

Hit the jump to see the first TV spot for the Hobbit.

You might think that the Hobbit was coming out any day now, what with the amount of press Warner's has been releasing. Especially now that they've put out a TV spot. But no, we've still got nearly two months to go. Calm down, Warner Bros. The movie will make money, don't you worry about that. Lord of the Rings wasn't that long ago, people still remember it.

I do like that this spot starts with the opening line from the book though. A good line, that.

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