Weekly Hobbit Update Is Oddly Dutch

Another round of banners have been released for The Hobbit, making me think if Warner Bros is worried this thing isn't going to make any money. Each is themed after a particular scene from the book, one of which is Gollum and the Riddles in the Dark.

And once again I have to voice my concern about the focus the marketing campaign is putting on Gollum. Yes, he was the stand out character from the first trilogy. Yes, the technology was ground breaking (ten years ago). And yes, aside from Gandalf, he provide a form of instant recognition amongst non Tolkien fans. But what does Warner's expect will be the backlash when those who haven't read the books discovers that Gollum is only in one scene. Even if each of these Hobbit films is only two hours long (which is a gross underestimation), his entire role in the Hobbit will amount to maybe twenty minutes of six hours. Does that really warrant his predominance in the ads?

Hit the jump to see the other three banners, plus get a look at the newly announced Hobbit Lego set.

This is one of the new Hobbit specific Lord of the Rings Lego sets, the climatic Goblin King Battle, in the depths of the Misty Mountains. The set will retail for $100, and constitutes the largest Hobbit set thus far. Other sets will include Riddles in the Dark, featuring Bilbo and Gollum mini-figures, and Barrel Escape.

Via First Showing and Topless Robot.
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