World's End Will Have 100% More Hobbit. In That, Before It Had None, And Now It Has One

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Edgar Wright has two films that he needs to make very quickly. The second of these films is Ant-Man. The first is World's End, the conclusion to his, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost's Blood and Ice Cream (alternatively Three Flavours Cornetto) Trilogy. The first was, of course, Shaun of the Dead, and the second was Hot Fuzz. Both of those films are utterly brilliant, instant classics. And while it may be blasphemous to say, I enjoyed the latter far more then the former.

Both of those films feature Martin Freeman in a small role (the anti-Pegg in Shaun, and one of Pegg's superiors in Fuzz). It would have seemed unnatural for Freeman not to finish the trilogy, and luckily the universe remains a natural place, as Freeman, now free of the gravity well that is the Hobbit (for now), and gearing up for what hopes to be a winter shoot for the next series of Sherlock, has signed on for a role in World's End, the parody of ultimate disaster films, taking place in a pub. Can I say I hope Freeman, whose star has taken longer to rise then Pegg's, but is no less deserving, gets a larger role in World then he did in the other films? Is that too much to ask?

One expects Bill Nighy not to be far behind.

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