Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom Sure To Improve Next Season

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We already know that Patton Oswalt will be appearing on the best show on TV (no, not that one. Or that one. The other one) this coming season. And we know that he won Halloween with the help of a Mythbuster. And now comes word that he has been cast, along with his United States of Tara co-star Rosemarie DeWitt, in the second season of HBO's The Newsroom. Both actors have secured reoccurring roles on the program, Oswalt as the new VP of Human Resources, and DeWitt as a lawyer representing the network in a wrongful termination suit.

If I had to guess from those descriptions, I'd say DeWitt is being set up as a love interest for Jeff Daniels' McAvoy, himself a former lawyer, and someone with whom he can some belligerent sexual tension, while also alienating Emily Mortimer. As for Oswalt, while his dramatic star is rising, I can't imagine they hired him without the intention of utilising his comedic talents. And considering his position high up in ACN, can we assume he'll mostly be interacting with Sam Waterson? Can we hope for that? Can we make that plea to Aaron Sorkin now? Can we refocus the show on Sam Waterson and Patton Oswalt getting drunk and bitching about stuff that makes them sad?

Because I will pay many of my very best monies to watch that show, HBO. Get to retooling.

Via /Film.
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