Chevy Chase Is Confused As To What People Like [Updated]

Namely, him or Community.

So, after a really rather good week (more on that as this week progresses) off, I return to find my DVR stuffed with crap I should probably watch, and a back log of news, announcements, trailers, and other crap online I'm meant to find interesting. But all of that took a back seat when, on Sunday, I saw the above add while watching a Simpsons rerun (Lisa The Greek, classic). Luckily, the channel reran the add every damned break, so I had plenty of opportunities to make certain I wasn't loosing my mind.

An Old Navy ad reuniting Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, and Juliette Lewis for a scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. But with pants.

So, I jumped over to the old internet to make certain I hadn't returned to some horrible alternate timeline where Chevy Chase is apparently widely recognisable and successful, despite being, you know, Chevy Chase. So I was gladdened to discover upon searching "Chevy Chase Old Navy" that all that came up were reports that Chevy had left Community for good.

Yes, apparently Chase has worked a deal with NBC allowing him to leave the not overly popular or successful (but brilliant) sitcom before the completion of the fourth season, airing on Feb 7th (for now). Considering that NBC would like nothing more then to burn the series to the ground, I do not expect a fifth season to become a thing, and yet am left scratching my head. Is this a long past deal that were just now hearing about, or are they still filming episodes? They had a thirteen episode order, which was meant to premier in October (then Nov, then whenever). Shouldn't they have finished filming before now? Shouldn't the actors all be off filming pilots for other sitcoms that NBC won't like, or taking roles in daring yet exciting films that will catapult Alison Brie to the front of the list of respectable, talented actresses working today... or, whomever...

[Update: Apparently there are two episodes left to film, which will not feature Chase. However, the season finale, most likely the series finale, was filmed out of sequence, so it will feature Chase, though how much depends on how good an editor they've got on staff. So... there you go.]
I can't say I'm upset. I've felt that Chase should have been written out at the end of season two, when his storyline came to a natural conclusion that resolved the character, allowed the rest of the group to become tighter, resulted in Jeff reevaluating his feelings for his father, and the Dungeons and Dragons episode being one of the best the show has ever done. Instead, NBC insisted Chase stay, he was shoehorned back in, and had nothing to do all last year. Chase is right in his insistence that he never gets the funny lines, because the writers don't know what to do with him anymore. Season two was his spotlight, while season three was his stumble off the stage and land in the orchestra pit. Season four can only be his slow limp backstage with a tuba stuck on his left foot.

All that being said, I'd still probably go see a new Griswold Vacation movie if they made one.

Via CBC.
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