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This 1985 documentary, loquaciously called Dinosaur!, and hosted by Christopher Reeve, is a real joy to watch. Science has marched on since then, so many things they discuss in the documentary have now been overturned, and frustratingly, they insist on using Brontosaurs, which was never really a thing, but I can think of fewer, better ways to spend an hour.

Couple things. First, while the presence of Deinonychus might seem a bit cliche now, remember that this special was made in 1985, eight years before the general public really knew what a raptor was. At the time, it was irregular, and most welcome.

Realise too that, had anyone other then Steven Spielberg directed Jurassic Park, or if an ILM technician hadn't been a bit too ambitious, and made a CG mock up of the T-rex stalking prey, the stop frame animation seen in this special is likely what Jurassic Park would have looked like, and how Spielberg had intended on making the film. Until Jurassic Park, this sort of animation was the most advanced method for creating dinosaurs on film.

And for my money, still one of the best. I mean, look at how pretty they look...
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