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I feel conflicted about the Cybermen in Doctor Who. They are probably the most popular enemy that has never had a truly great episode. The closest they've come is the Second Doctor serial, The Invasion. Inconsistencies in the writing of the species has lead to decades of uneven adventures. And I think the problem is, they are a wonderful idea, but (clearly) difficult to build a story around. Last year's disappointing Closing Time was a perfect example. The Cybermen are great to build tension, but usually deflate when the nuts and bolts (I apologise) of the story force a direct confrontation. The best use of the Cybermen in recent years (and I mean decades there) was their cameo in The Pandorica Opens, with the gripping arm sequence (sorry again) and the chomping head casing.

So I am ambivalent with the reveal that Neil Gaiman, who pretty much wrote a definitive Doctor Who story last time, will be tackling the silver menace in his penultimate episode this series. Gaiman is a first class writer of horror and suspense, as well as just about everything else, so if anyone has a shot of writing a good Cyberman story, its Gaiman. But still, that track record sides rather soundly in the back of my mind, glaring at me like a crazy on the bus.

However, to temper this, is the additional announcement that the episode will also feature Warwick Davis (Willow, Harry Potter), Tamzin Outhwaite (EastEnders)and Jason Watkins (Dirk Gently, Being Human) as "…a band of misfits on a mysterious planet." So... that is awesome. Seriously, that is a fantastic cast. Watkins along would have been worth the price of admission, but Davis as well. Brilliant. While I still fully support the return of Rupert Graves as big game hunter John Riddell to the show eventually, and I don't think Gaiman will be able to top The Doctor's Wife, it sure as hell looks like they're going to try.

Hit the jump for a fan-made trailer for a rather good Sherlock/Doctor Who mashup, which has more Tennant then I was expecting.

Via Den of Geek and Topless Robot.
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