Every Single Cast Member Of The Hobbit Is Looking At You

There are two relatively new trends in movie posters these days. The first is the group shot, trying to stuff as many character into the frame as possible. We've seen this with Toy Story 3, with the Muppets, and recently with the dwarves for the Hobbit. The second trend is the very close, stand alone image of the star. I blame the minimalist poster for 40 Year Old Virgin for this, and until recently it has been almost exclusive to comedies. but action movie, in an attempt to display intensity, have been getting in on the game.

And the Hobbit had touched on this already, with a very near image of Bilbo and his sword Sting. Not Warner Bros has released a host  of new poster images, for every single member of the dwarf group, plus one of Cate Blanchett (which looks like she's giving use the middle finger) and one of course of Gollum (I still maintain including him so heavily in advertising is a mistake), but not of Hugo Weaving.

They've also released a few vertical banners (which include Weaving), to counter those horizontal ones they release a few weeks back. I like them generally, but feel that one two make use of the vertical space - Bilbo and the Wargs, and the dwarves climbing the mountin. If it weren't for the fact that the sexy dwarves are getting all the attention in the mountain banner, that image might have been one of my favourites thus far.
I think it is clear that Warner Bros took a lot of pictures of the actors, and is very keen on using every single one of them before the movie comes out. They are aware there are another two films after this they'll have to promote, right? Right?

Hit the jump to see the rest, including the banners.

Via First Showing and the Mary Sue.
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