February 7th Is October 19th

Courtesy of NBC
Community will return on February 7th. For reals this time, apparently, if NBC is to believed, and why shouldn't they. After a fall of doing everything in their power to not air (what will undoubtedly be the final) 13 episodes of season 4 of a show the network hates with a passion usually reserved for custody battles, they have relented, and will burn off the episodes after the mid season break (which means the traditional Halloween episode will air in the timely month of March).

And adding to the good news, it will air in it's old time slot. Despite being punished, and forced to go sit in the Friday night time slot, Community will return to the only time slot it has ever known, Thursdays at 8, replacing 30 Rock after it finishes it's own 13 episode final season. And NBC, in an effort to kill everything that is actually good on their network, will be pushing Parks and Rec up to 8:30, making the only hour of TV worth watching on NBC an actual hour on NBC.

NBC, because this is (on the surface) good news, there is no personal message for you today. But I'm keeping my eye on you...

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