I'll Give "I Give It A Year" A Chance

Can I say how happy I am that Stephen Merchant has escaped Ricky Gervais' grasp. I've got nothing against Gervais, he's just not my cup of tea. But Merchant, I've always felt, is the funnier of the two. Certainly the more interesting to look at at. And more deserving of praise and opportunity then Gervais and his cringe humour.

His presence is not the only thing that makes me look forward to this new comedy from, of all places, Borat writer Dan Mazer. I Give It A Year follows newly wed Rose Byrne (finally getting a starring role, and returning to her native tongue) and Rafe Spall over the first year of their marriage, and co-stars Minnie Driver and Anna Faris. So, its sort of a funnier, more British (always a good thing) answer to the Five Year Engagement. The trailer made me laugh out loud twice, chuckle once, and then I had to go to the bathroom.

Though, that last one was probably unrelated to the content of the trailer.
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