It Looks Pretty Damned Fun Being Green [Updated]

Because I don't listen to music that was created after 1987, the chickens singing a Cee Lo Green song in The Muppets was one of the few gags I did not get, at all. Except for an appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, I had no idea who Cee Lo Green was. But he's singing with the Muppets, so I'm not much in the way of caring, he's OK in my book.

Most people probably don't remember, but when the Muppet Show began, at the end the host would be presented with a Muppet version of themselves. This idea was dropped pretty quickly in the first season, but I'm wondering if they're coming back to it. Because Jason Segel got one in The Muppets, and now there is a Lo-Ce in the back of that... convertible Rolls? Really?

Either way, it looks like Walter really is one of the gang now. Still no excuse for the lack of Rizzo...

Update: After the jump, watch Cee Lo and Kermit sing It Ain't Easy Being Green on the Voice.

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