Justified Runs For The Hills

Last year, as season three of Justified was ending, creator Graham Yost said that they weren't going to be introducing a Big Bad for season four, that if anyone emerged as an arc-villain, it would be someone already established on the show. I took this to mean maybe Mykelti Williamson's Limehouse might reevaluate his place in the world, or Adam Arkin might return for a reoccurring role as Chicago crime boss Theo Tonin. Or that Boyd might finally step out of the shadows and claim his rightful place atop the mountain of crime that is Harlin. Or, that Ava might just smite them all, and turn to running Harlin herself, Mags Bennent-style. Turns out, nope, we're getting some new folk round 'bout these parts. And they're from the hills...

Raylan will head into the mountains of Kentucky, which the plot of season 2 skirted around, and encounter him some hill folk there. Isolated, and... disturbed individuals, lead by Cope Entiss, who is yet to be cast. There Raylan will encounter a woman - of course he will - who might share a history with Raylan  - of course she will - which will undoubtedly cause troubles for Raylan down the line.

This, on top of Patton Oswalt's reoccurring role, the need to resolve Winona's story, the continuing rise of Boyd, and (can we hope for) a return of Dickie Bennent and his flock-of-seagulls-caught-in-a-wind-storm-and-pushed-into-a-powerline hair style.

This is going to be good.

Via Uproxx.
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