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[The author is on holidays this week. Regular features, like reviews and lists and three day old news will return when he does. Next week. Until then, you'll get a daily video, and you'll like it.]

So, I guess that's a "no" to the Yeti returning to Doctor Who in the Christmas Special. However, it is a "yes" to at least one Sontaran, and Madame Vastra & Jenny, everybody's favourite trans-species Victorian lesbians. But we knew that was coming, eventually. I mean, how could it not.

Anywhoo, what I like the most about this trailer for the special, titled with a certain economy, The Snowman, is the bit at the start begin Smith and Coleman. They clearly have a rapport, which will hopefully translate to the screen.

After the jump, you can watch web exclusive prequel, which premiered on the Children in Need telethon last week, entitled The Great Detective.

Huh, Steven Moffat writing a story based around a famous Victorian priviate detective...

I can't see that working out.
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