Monty Python Takes On Sherlock Holmes, Sort Of

Them again. But not Eric.
Back at the turn of the millennium, I remember reading a story about how Michael Jackson and Joe Millionaire (remember that guy?) were going to appear in a film together, wherein Joe was a guy who thought he was a TV reporter, and would constantly talk to the camera despite, in universe, there being nothing there. Now, this would have been horrible if it had been made, so points to whomever put a stop to it.

In the same way, Douglas Adams never succeeded in making that film with John Cleese, where Cleese was to play the president of the UN during an alien invasion. After humanity challenges the aliens to sports contests, the only events humans end up being able to win at are the freak events, like those in Ripley's Believe It Or Not (squeezing through a tennis racket, fitting in a box, etc). Essentially Space Jam, but with Adams and Cleese, instead of Bill Murray and Michael Jordon.

So, when I read this casting announcement, my "don't get too excited, this sounds like crazy rather then news" alarm went off. Benedict Cumberbatch has apparently agreed to star in a film called Absolutely Anything. In this film, he will play a teacher, who is gifted the ability of magic by space aliens. The exact description:
"The story revolves around a teacher who discovers he has magical powers and can make things happen with the wave of his hand. He can wipe out classrooms of badly behaving students and bring people back to life. But he experiences mishap after mishap as he tries to learn how to use these powers."
O...k... Sounds zany. The aliens will be animated (what isn't clear is if this will be a Roger Rabbit sort of thing, or just a mash of CG), and voiced by John Cleese, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, and Terry Gilliam. Robin Williams will also be doing a voice, and Gemma Arterton will be co-starring along with the Sherlock/Hobbit star. Which in itself is worrying, because aside from maybe Tamara Drewe, that girl has appeared in a long list of terrible films (she clearly needs a better agent).

The film was written by Gavin Scott, who among other things, wrote for the Young Indiana Jones Adventures, and has had a hand in a host of children's movies over the past three decades, and will be directed by Terry Jones, which will make it his first feature film in nearly twenty years.

Via The Mary Sue.
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