My Hometown Was Mentioned On The Colbert Report. That Can't Be Good...

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For Canadian readers, you can watch the segment here.

Or at least, alluded to. While never specifically named, the story about a drunk man at a Santa Claus parade telling kids that Santa didn't exist happened a couple weeks ago at Kingston, Ontario's evening-and-lights parade. From the local piece of shi... I mean, newspaper:
A release from Kingston Police said the man was located rather easily by officers as he was described as "having his hair formed to look like horns that were protruding from his head."
It is a tendency of mine that whenever something like this happens, I look at the name of the arrested party. First, I check to see if it was anyone I went to school with. Then I check to see if it was any of my former students. Or it could have been someone from the university. They're the worst.

What matters is that someone from where I'm from did something so stupid it caught the attention of America's mocker-in-chief. And I suppose, since there is very little else in this story to be proud of, we can at least take a degree of pride from that.

Via the Whig.
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