Myth Busters Set To Break Bad

Back when the first episode of Breaking Bad aired earlier this year I, along with most of the internet (and creator Vince Gilligan), immediately called for the Mythbusters to take the show to task. What with all their body dissolving, and giant electromagnet-evidence wiping. The show might be the most well written, best acted, best damned show on TV, but they must be held accountable to science just like the rest of us.

Don't you just love it when you get what you want?

Gilligan and series star Aaron Paul will guest in the first of at least two Breaking Bad themed episodes, examining the plausibility of some of the shows more extreme feats of science. Said Mythbuster-by-day Adam Savage:
“Obviously there’s a lot of fertile material to play with, so things that happen on the show have been ending up on our list of stories to tackle for a couple years now. And when Vince said in an interview that he’d love to see a Mythbusters/Breaking Bad crossover, we reached out to him directly and the response was overwhelming positive."
When I say at least two episodes, that is because the first will cover only two incidents from the first season, including the practise of dissolving bodies in hydrofluoric acid, which Savage described as "terrifying stuff." Hopefully, they won't stop there, and see if it will in fact eat through a porcelain bath tub, and a couple floors of a house. The giant magnet will have to wait for a follow up, which Savage thinks will be no problem getting additional material for, saying, “Those guys have been so much fun with technology and science that there’s a lot that we could do with them.”

What other "events" from the show would you like to see them test? Maybe explode a wheelchair, and see if they can blow half of Buster's face off?

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