Statistically, At Least One Of These Women Left Pregnant

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I'm excited for the release of Skyfall this week. Excited enough, that I recently went back and rewatched the previous 22 Bond films, in order, to prepare myself. And one thing you notice more when you watch them together, then when you watch them apart, is exactly how much of the sex that James Bond gets up to. In the older films especially, 007 will drop everything, including stalking the villain, if it means he'll get to play bed-tag with a lady person.

So this infographic is fun to look at. It breaks down each film by the number of women, the number of liaisons Bond has with said women, where these liaisons occurred, and how many of the women died shortly there after (that number is probably the most disturbing).

The results? Craig's Bond is the most chaste (and also the most fatal), Brosnan was the most likely to use an actual bed, while Moore is the Bond most likely to have a regular prescription of penicillin. Live and Let Die, notorious for getting a big rapey on Bond's part, has the most loving, followed by From Russia With Love, while Quantum of Solace has the least.

Also, "back at Guantanamo" is now my favourite euphemism for sex, and Dr. Molly Warmflash is my favourite Bond girl name, ever.

Hit the jump to examine the "nymphographic."

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