The Muppets Set To Waltz In Next Film

First, I would like to apologise for the pun in the headline. There really is no excuse for that sort of behaviour.

Second, I would like to make perfectly clear how utterly excited I am that news of the next Muppet film is starting to appear. Because of the inherent implication that news of casting means news of filming will follow, and that will be swiftly followed by an actual film I can sit in a cinetorium and watch. You understand.

The next Muppet feature is to be set in Europe, much as the original followup to the Muppet Movie, the Great Muppet Caper, was. Would it be too much to ask for it to be a road movie of some kind? The Muppets on tour, or some such thing? Whatever the plot, Christoph Waltz has been hired to play an Interpol agent, presumably doggedly hunting the Muppets.

Waltz is the first human cast member to be attached to the film, to be directed by James Bobin, and co-written by Nicholas Stoller, with songs once again by Bret Mckenzie. Other cast members yet to come include a host of (presumably European) cameos, a Russian femme fatale, and a male lead, which is where I'd like to stop things for a moment, and discuss.

Why does there have to be a male lead? The film already has a lead: Kermit. Certainly the films have human, but Charles Grodin wasn't the star of Caper, no more then Charles Durning was the star of the Movie. The Muppets, as the last film proved, can carry a film by themselves. "Starring the Muppets" is all you need to pack a theatre, not sticking some Johnny-come-lately like Jason Segel up front to take time away from what we have paid money to see.

However, I am willing to accept the apparent need for a human lead, if it means more of the utter bliss that is the Muppets.

Via Den of Geek.
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