The Return Of Hard Science Fiction?

Here is the first trailer for The Europa Report, a movie in which next to nothing is known, other then A-Team star Sharlto Copley is in it.

But this teaser gives us a couple places to guess from. First, anyone who is into astronomy (and exobiology especially) should know that Europa offers the best location and chance within our Solar System of finding life. Not ancient, extinct fossilised bacterial life, like what we expect to find on Mars, but honestest to goodness complex life.

Europa is one of the moons of Jupiter, and is covered in a vast ice sheet. Beneath this ice sheet, it is theorised, exists a liquid ocean, kept liquid by the stresses placed on the moon by Jupiter's gravitational pull, and kept warm by pressure vents, much like in our own oceans. On Earth, water is essential to life, and most life began in the seas. And extremophiles, those organisms that exist in environments where nothing else could exist, are common here on Earth. So, a liquid moon is the best of all possible places for a form of aquatic extraterrestrial life to develop.

That all aside, the trailer very much brings to mind 2001, in terms of the tone I sense from the footage. Is it possible, in this day and age, that a director has successfully made a quite, hard science fiction film? One that treats the subject matter with both respect and believability? That is will trust the audience to have a certain intelligence and openness to the ideas, rather then the story? That it won't rely on gimmiks and shocks to entrance us, but rather let the tale speak for itself?

Of course, it could just as easy become a Cthulhu story, I suppose.

Via Den of Geek.
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