This Is The Way The World Was

melodysheep, the folks who created the autotuned wonders that are the Symphony of Science videos, have done it again. Using CG, original music, and 17 seperate films and documentaries, have widdled down the geographic history of our planet, from shapless dust cloud, to the modern day. In less then two minutes. And it does look pretty. We have a very pretty planet, folks. It was pretty before us, and it'll be pretty long after we're gone. The planet, as George Carlin once said, is doing fine.

My one quam: dinosaurs get a fleeting glimpse, and yet the modern era (geographically speaking) gets a lot of time at the back end of this thing. They ought to have tried to make it more representative. Remember, if Earth's history were an hour, our species would have been around for less then thirty seconds. Always remember, no matter how important you think we are, we are a blip.

Via The Mary Sue.
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