Today Is Brought To You By The Letter SPACE

If I had children, this is how I would teach them the alphabet. Of course, these ships would need context. So, I suppose I'd also have to show them all the TV series, films, and news that feature these ships, but that is just the sort of sacrifice I'd make in order to make certain my child was literate.

I have four problems with the chart (shocking, I know). First, the quinjet isn't a spaceship. There were briefly a couple that could be used in space, but mostly they are (as the name suggests) jets. To be equally fair, I can't think of an actual starship that begins with Q, so I may have to concede this one. Second, as much as I like Mass Effect, N really ought to be the Nostromo from Alien. Distinctive design (unlike the Normandy), and it's a classic of the genre. Third, if Challenger and Orion are being included, then V really ought to be the proper Voyager, the probes sent into deep space, designed by Carl Sagan, carrying a message of greeting and peace. And finally, with Destiny already filling out D, why pick a third tier ship like the Korolev to fill out K? I'm assuming it was desperation, as there also seems to be a lack of K named ships.

Also, Planet Express Ship is a much better P.

Via The Mary Sue.
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