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The Hobbit has a big fight ahead of itself, a fight that The Two Towers and Return of the King failed to win. And that is in the realm of final credit song. Enya's song for Fellowship of the Rings felt so perfect, that even Annie Lennox's "Into The West" paled in comparison. Of course, what would you expect from Enya, who had included Lord of the Rings references on many of her previous albums. So, Hobbit, the move is yours.

And I'm afraid it has already failed, with the release of Neil Finn's version of The Song of the Lonely Mountain, which compared to the version that was heard in the trailer, just doesn't get me going at all. the dwarves version is melodious and sombre and awesome. This version is way too folksy and light, and carries none of the weight of the words, no matter how many anvil clashes they put in there.

Hit the jump to see many new TV spots for the film.

When Amazing Spider-man went promo-happy, they ended up releasing nearly a third of the film via the press. I don't have that worry for the Hobbit. Partly because most of it is the same stuff over and over. But also because the film is bound to be nearly three hours long, and most of the footage is from before the dwarves even leave the Shire. Barely any Rivendale stuff has appeared, other then a couple brief shots. So, with each new TV spot, I do not grow more concerned. Each one only brings me comfort, in the knowledge that the blasted thing is nearly out.

Via Topless Robot, and again, and The Mary Sue, and again.
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