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I've said before that the Hobbit has avoided the trap The Amazing Spider-man fell into, which ended up releasing a full third of it's run time in advanced promos (didn't matter how much they promoted it, it was still a terrible, pointless film). A drive home this point, some industrious person has taken every bit of footage released thus far, and edited together the ultimate Hobbit trailer, in chronological order (they messed up one bit, the stuff of Gandalf wandering around in Dol Guldur, which has to occur before he arrives at the Shire. Where it will occur in the film, I don't know).

The result? Only eight minutes have surfaced. Eight of what I'm assuming will be at least 120 minutes. And most of it is taken from the first act. The first half of the first act. Unfortunately, because their playing up Gollum so much in the trailers, what would have been the big climatic scene near the end (other then the Wargs) has had a lot of steam pulled out from under its feet.

Hit the jump to see the newest footage, a full forty seconds of Gandalf gifting Sting to Bilbo. And a cool Japanese poster.

I love the look of terror on Gandalf's face up there in the corner. He's thinking, "holy shit, we've got two more of these things we're going to have to promote. Here we go again." Then the Benny Hill music starts up.

Via The Mary Sue and Topless Robot.
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