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It has been made official, Bryan Singer will return to the X-Men franchise, and direct Days of Futures Past. While others celebrate, I remains hopefully cautious. Because while his pre-X-Men films are of a high quality, since leaving the franchise he has made Valkyrie, Superman Returns, last weeks disappointing Mockingbird Lane pilot, and Jack the Giant Whatever They're Calling It Now, which was pushed back from a premium summer release to a mid-spring, never a good sign.

It is, however, a step in the right direction for the X-Men franchise. Singer is the only director associated with any of the films that understands that the X-Men films can't just be about mutants with cool powers and big special effects. He understands, like the best writers in the comics have, that the mutants needs to be a metaphor for something. The films need to have a baseline message that carries the characters, not just senseless action (see X-Men 3). The first touched on civil rights, while the second fully embraced the gay rights metaphor. Meanwhile, X-Men 3 had no deeper message, X-Men Origins had no internal consistency, and First Class had the opportunity, being set in the era of Civil Rights in the US, and squandered it. It didn't even really use the oppression of the Jews to it's full potential, in favour of montages and uneven character development.

My hope is that, by bringing back much of the principle cast of the original films, and pairing them with those core cast members of First Class that are worth bringing back (mostly just Fassbender and McAvoy), Singer will be able to create a film that is enjoyable, while at the same time having something intelligent to say. Possibly even bring an end to the trilogy he originally envisioned back in the early days of the millennium, a trilogy that gave birth to the modern super hero film genre. A trilogy that is directly responsible for The Avengers existing at all.

What will Singer do with a future where an entire people are oppressed and killed because of what they happen to be, based on the prejudges of those in power... I wonder if there could be an allusion or two to draw from that?

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While the issue of who will be playing the female lead in Captain America: The Winter Soldier has not been settled yet, the film has acquired a villain. Frank Grillo, who starred with Liam Neeson in The Grey, has been cast as Crossbones, notable for being the character who shot and killed (briefly) Steve Rogers in the comics. After he was killed, Bucky (aka The Winter Soldier) took Cap's place until Rogers returned. Does this paint a pretty clear picture of where The Winter Soldier will be heading, plotwise?

Also joining Cap on his second outing will be Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders, returning to their roles as Nick Fury and Maria Hill from The Avengers, along with Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Which means that the Cap sequel will essentially be the SHIELD film that will now never happen because of the series, and that once again, Hawkeye gets screwed.
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