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- Set pics from Thor: The Dark World have appeared, and seem to contain the good look at the Dark Elves, with whom Thor will be doing battle. The vacant, placid looks of their masks make them look like something Steven Moffat might come up with for Doctor Who. And I mean that in a good way; I think this design looks appropriately creepy.

- SHIELD has cast two more of it's agents. Brits Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker (Coronation Street, The Fades) have been cast along side Clark Gregg and Ming-Na, as Agent Jenna Simmons and Agent Leo Fitz respectively. Described in the casting notes as "[coming] through training together and still choose to spend most of their time in each others company. Their sibling-like relationship is reinforced by their shared nerd tendencies - she deals with biology and chemistry, he's a whiz at the technical side of weaponry." So, and not to get buried in archetypes, but the Willow and Xander of the piece. Lets all just hope the "sibling-like relationship" is maintained, and not devolves into belligerent sexual tension.

Marvel is working at the pilot for the SHIELD series with the intention of having it ready for the spring pilot season, during which ABC would be utterly stupid not to green light it. It seems to me that they are right on track, in terms of casting, to make this deadline. Clearly, from Marvel and Joss' end, they've been working on this at least as long as they were working on Avengers, so really, it just about getting the pieces in place and getting it filmed.

Hit the jump for two rather spoilery tidbits about Iron Man 3, so if you don't want to have two possible surprises ruined, don't look (you know you want to look, don't you).

- This isn't a press picture from Iron Man 3, this is a mock-up of a movie-style armour from artist SgtHK, of what Pepper Potts' Rescue might look like. And we might be closer to seeing something like this in the third film then we thought. According to a story that was reported by Omelete, and later taken down at "the request of Disney," Pepper might be getting her own suit of armour in the upcoming film. This isn't such a foreign idea, as both former series director Jon Favreau and Marvel Money Maker Kevin Feige both wanted to get Gwyneth Paltrow into the Rescue armour in the second film. Last year at San Diego, Favreau revealed “We almost did it a few times; we talked about it a lot. I think we all share your enthusiasm for that, and we all want to see Gwyneth kick a little ass." Feige concurred, saying ”Everyone at this table thinks it would be the coolest thing in the world to see Pepper get in the suit at some point." Considering that this will likely be the last of the Iron Man-specific films, it is also probably the last chance to make this happen, unless they do an all female Avengers sequel...

Joss Whedon and Marvel, please and immediately make an all female Avengers sequel. The team could be Rescue, Valkyrie, She-Hulk, Black Widow, Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Squirrel Girl. And Coulson, because why not. It would be fantastic.

I've said before that this is a logical step for the series to take (sorry, Iron Man, not an all-female Avengers, which again, would be fantastic). The first film was about Tony becoming Iron Man. The second was about the world reacting to Iron Man, resulting in the creation of the War Machine. The third appears to be about defending the Iron Man, and that from the looks of the trailer, he will need all the help he can get. Putting Pepper, who he laments about being unable to protect in the trailer, keeps her on equal footing with Tony, as the series and the Avengers (seriously, none of the rest of the heroes girlfriends had cameos) has firmly established. Pepper isn't a damsel in distress, she's an Iron Maiden, and deserves a suit to match.

- A tweet appeared earlier this week, claiming that when fans find out who Stephanie Szostak will be playing in Iron Man 3, they'll freak out. Szostak, a French actress, seen in Dinner for Schmucks and We Bought A Zoo, was rather silently cast earlier this year, but was dwarfed by announcements for people like Rebecca Hall, Ben Kingsley, and Guy Pierce. No details have been announced about her character, so until this tweet appeared, no one had any reason to think she wouldn't be playing an inconsequential bit part, like Leslie Bibb in the first two films. But now speculation is that she will be playing Janet Van Dyne, AKA The Wasp.

It has already been announced that Wang Xueqi will be playing Chen Lu, an Ant-Man character, possibly in a post credits scene directed by Edgar Wright. So, another Ant-Man character isn't that remote a possibility. And if you don't know who Szostak is, here is an interview she did for Schmucks. Watch it, and realise that if she isn't playing Wasp, or another major player in the future of Marvel, how pissed you'll be. And if she is playing Wasp, hope she gets a better deal then the Black Widow did. Joss Whedon can't be expected to fix everybody's mistakes.

Via The Mary Sue, and again, and Topless Robot.
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