Will Everything Proceed As The Internet Forsees?

With the sale of Star Wars To Disney, and the promise (threat?) of a new trilogy of films, the question now becomes: who takes over from Lucas? Someone like Christopher Nolan, who is able to balance the visual with the cerebral? Someone like Seth Green, who has an established relationship with the series, respects it, and would certainly be able to take it in new directions? Personally, I think Disney should take the same tact that Marvel has, and hire a new creative team for each film, to prevent the sort of creative stagnation that has already been the downfall of Star Wars.

One fan believes that Disney should keep it in house, and has put forward Brad Bird's name for contention. Now, myself, Bird is my favourite of the Pixar creative team, his output the most consistently innovative and superior (sorry Lasseter, but the Cars films count against you), and he directed my favourite of the Pixar films, The Incredibles. Not to mention years of service (and helping to get the show to series) on the Simpsons. A multiple Emmy and Academy Award winner for animation and writing, with last year's Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal, he moved from animation to live action and proved more capable then fellow Pixar director Andrew Stanton at working with practical people. For years, he's been trying to get 1906, a film about the San Fransisco earthquake, off the ground, and is now working on a film known only as 1952, with writer Damon Lindelof (whatever that ultimately means).

He is passionate about animation, insisting that it is an art form, not a genre (a position I share), and would certainly bring a sensible, artistic eye to the Star Wars universe, perhaps using CG in the way George intended, without going overboard, as George did. As an option, he is more then valid, has a track record with Disney, and makes for an excellent first candidate. While I don't twit, feel free to use #GiveItToBradBird over on the twitter fields if you support this choice too.

I suppose the next question is, is he a Star Wars fan?

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