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Before the western world retreats from the internet for a few days, to join together with/hide desperately from family, I thought I'd burn off those little stories that surfaced this week. Starting with the picture above.

- Yes, the TARDIS will get a brand new desktop theme in anticipation for the fiftieth, and it will make it's first proper appearance next week in The Snowmen. And in celebration of the fiftieth, the design is very retro. I had an issue with the "coral pattern" from the shows return, which I thought was far too organic looking, and drove too hard the idea of the TARDIS as being a living thing, rather then a wonderful machine. It doesn't have to be alive to have a soul, to be lovely, and to be loved. We fall in love with machines all the time. I liked the Moffat design, which was much more technical, while still whimsical, but I like this one best, and I haven't even seen it functional as a proper environment yet.

- Disney is trying really very hard to alienate me from seeing the new Muppet film. First they replace Christoph Waltz with Ty Burrell, and now the announcement that Ricky Gervais will be the human lead in the film. Which makes sense only in so far as he is British (which Burrell is not, but we move on). I don't hate Gervais like some people really hate him, I just don't like him, tend to ignore him, and allow us the space to do our own things (note how I did not include him in my list of celebrities who should cameo in the film). I'm not a fan of cringe comedy, which is really all he does (the quaint Cemetery Junction excluded), and I'm really not a fan of the arrogant egotism he exudes. So I leave him be, and turn the Daily Show off after the second segment if he happens to be the guest. But these are the Muppets. I can't just hold a hand up before me, blocking him out whenever he's on screen. Or plug my ears whenever he talks. So, at this early stage, I am conflicted. Are the Muppets enough to counteract two actors I can't usually watch? I hope so...

Hit the jump for the rest, which includes Riddick news, Game of Thrones updates, SHIELD casting, and some nonsense about Prometheus.

 - Vin Diesel's third (and probably final) turn as Richard B. Riddick has gotten a release date: September 6th, 2013, which is fine by me. I'm usually desperate for something good to see in September, and this past year had Dredd released in a similar slot (though the financial outcome of that release might put some Riddick fans off). Can Karl Urban make September work in his favour this time around? We've got nine months to ponder.

- The producers have announced that despite having only the standard ten episode order for season 3 of Game of Thrones, we'll be treated to nearly another full hour of the show within that time. Says DB Weiss, "One of the great liberties with HBO is we’re not forced to come in at a specific time. We can’t be under 50 minutes or over 60, but that gives us a lot of flexibility." The average length of each episode this season will creep closer to the 57 minute mark, and will be finished by a super-sized finale, presumably larger then last season's 70 minute Valar Morghulis. All of which is very good news.

- Joss Whedon has cast the fifth and final member of the primary SHIELD cast who aren't Coulson. Chloe Bennet, an ingenue most recently appearing on Nashville, will play Skye, described as "a confident woman who is slightly obsessed with superhero culture and the shadow organisations that exist within it. She’s edgy and can out-talk anyone with her unflappable nature." Or, in other words, a fan girl. Me thinks we've stumbled onto our audience surrogate. Or our smallish female who is capable of killing many people skillfully, as Whedon often (read: always) includes. Is Skye the new River? It doesn't matter, so long as Marvel's expectation that, if ABC picks up the series, it will be ready to go for this coming fall. After that, she can be anything she wants. Except Coulson, that job is taken.

- Damon Lindleof won't be writing Prometheus 2, which begs the question, why are they making Prometheus 2? They barely made Prometheus 1. I have little else to say about that film, or about Lindleof dropping out, other then his reasoning kind of comes off as "you guys hurt my feelings, so here's an excuse now leave me alone," to which I say: good. Prometheus sucked, and you, and Ridley Scott should be ashamed. Now go off and have yourself a right good think about what you've done.

- And finally, that package shipped to Indiana Jones a the University of Chicago? Turns out it has a perfectly logical explanation that was neither a fraud nor a prank, but does involve the ineptitude of the US postal service. So that's all well and good. I won't go into detail, as I preferred not knowing, but you can read about what actually happened here. At least it wasn't a viral marketing thing. That would have really chewed my grounding cable.

Via Den of Geek, and again, and again, and again. Then /Film a couple times, and finally The Mary Sue.
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