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Two things are abundantly clear from this first trailer (or, trailer announcement, but more on that in a bit) for Star Trek Into Darkness. First, this movie is going to be awesome. And second, Chris Pine is obviously not the star of this film. It is all Cumberbatch. He was the only thing in the poster, and he's all over the trailer. To be fair, with a voice like his, why wouldn't you have him narrate it? It'd be like casting Morgan Freeman in a silent role. But he dominates this epileptic footage. I don't have the emotional reaction to seeing Pine and Quinto and the others in the roles, in the way we do with Shatner and Nimoy, but Cumberbatch does make me feel... something.

I'm not at all a fan of these trailers for trailers, and I hesitated to post this knowing that next week another, slightly longer trailer, incorporating all of this footage will be released. But I chose to anyway, because I feel like this could have been the teaser. Why release another one. This is a concise minute, teases us, and makes us want for more, which we then have to wait for like obedient dogs. That is the function of the trailer business. I'm sure the same was said when teasers trailers themselves first appeared (whenever that was), but a teaser for a teaser is redundant and a waste of our interest.

A couple things I noticed: I like that the references to the larger franchise look to be sticking around. In the footage, the Constitution-class ship (presumably the Enterprise) that hits the waters outside of the Academy goes down roughly in the same place the Klingon Bird of Prey did in Voyage Home. And if you watch the Japanese trailer after the jump, there is an even bigger shout out to Wrath of Khan, though my guess is it will be just that, a shout out, and they put it there just to get us talking about it. I doubt they'd be stupid enough to try to remake that scene, and expect us to care as much as we did originally. And despite the disappointing lack of McCoy, Alice Eve's character is clearly shown to be wearing a sickbay-style blue medical uniform. So, money on Nurse Chapel anyone?

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