Calvin And Hobbes Search Engine. That Is All

It is here.
Michael Yingling has accomplished the last great achievement of the internet. The rest of us can pack up and go home, no point in us hanging around here anymore. He has created a Calvin and Hobbes search engine, and it is glorious.

Seriously, check it out. Search anything, and it brings up a list of every strip that word occurred in. But not just a list, a chronological break down of every strip, complete with transcript, plot description, link to the official strip, and a pictorial list of all the collections that strip has appeared it. It showcases a level of devotion to the strip that I couldn't muster for making certain I feed myself. I here by declare it the definitive source for all relevant information on the internet; sorry Wikipedia, you lose. Should have included more deranged snow goons.

If nothing else, it proves that Calvin and Hobbes transcends even it's own format, as even the clinical descriptions of the strips are funny, like:
Calvin throws a rock at a bee hive. They chase him. A giant bee comes after him. YOWW! Mom says she doesn't see the "harpoon" that "gored" him, but she does something to help the sting. Calvin says the National Guard can track the bee on radar.
Via ComicsAlliance.
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