Christmas Will Come At Exactly The Same Time It Always Does This Year

The BBC has released a final trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas Special, complete with a single line of dialogue from recently announced guest Ian McKellen. It looks like good fun, and I got a good kick out of the "taking people by the hand" line.

But that isn't the real news. The real news is the confirmation that the second half of series seven will air beginning in April, which is when the 50th anniversary special will begin filming, for an air date that I'm guessing will land sometime close to the true 50th anniversary, November 23rd. It is also about a month after Sherlock begins filming in earnest, so otherwise known as a busy time for Mr. Moffat. This news also pretty much confirms that there won't be a 50th anniversary series, which is disappointing, and means no series eight until 2014. Joy.

Via Den of Geek, and again.
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