Damned Kids, With Their Videos Games, And Their Selfless Pursuit Of Justice

I've often maintained that while DC is completely incapable of putting a live action film of quality together (that doesn't include the word 'bat'), they are the superior force when it comes to animation. The Animated DCU of course is the pinnacle of achievement, but the DC Animated Films and the various TV series over the years have all been heads above anything Marvel has put out.

Until DC Nation went on hiatus, the current proof of my thesis is Young Justice. Everything, from the animation (which is gorgeous) to the voice acting (and talent) to the depth of story telling, and the willingness to both take risks with the narrative and play the long game on story lines make it a better TV show then most live action TV series.

And I didn't know they were making a video game based around it. I was so hung up on Injustice that I didn't even know this was coming. And not only is it a Young Justice video game available on all major platforms (except Wii, cause Wii sucks, or something. I really have no opinion on the matter), but it is written by the shows writers and is canon, taking place during the time jump that kicked off season 2. The last time a game tried something like this, it was Ultimate Spider-man, with mixed results. Here's hoping that Young Justice: Legacy is able to pull it off with more... betterness.

Yeah, that kind of fell apart on me at the end there.

Via ComicsAlliance.
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