Dan Harmon Talks About The Death Of TV

Community creator Dan Harmon is like Kevin Smith, ten or twelve years ago. His work is polarising and subject to the extremities of personal taste, but he is also an intelligent guy, knows his business, and knows how to talk to an audience. Putting these things together usually makes for an enjoyable time. Smith has overplayed his hand with the Smodcast network, but those first couple Evening With... DVDs are hilarious and fun, and possibly better then any of his scripted films (I'm happy to debate that point with anyone).

Harmon isn't there yet, thankfully. But his honesty and openness about working in comedy, and working in network television is both refreshing and educational. Anyone who is interested in the politics of television should give the above keynote address a watch.

That, and the fact that it's pretty damned funny.

Via Uproxx.

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