Dinosaurs Are Everybody's Business

I don't understand people who have no interest in dinosaurs. I mean, I do, sort of. Everybody has stuff they don't care about (hello sports), but still, how are dinosaurs not one of those things that everybody is obsessed with and fascinated by? Huge, strange, beautiful creatures that have left us only their bones and endless speculation and discovery. How do people grow out of that? What sort of lives must they live? Do they simply lack the ability to wonder?

The old cliche goes those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. And when taken literally, that makes for a good plot for a science fiction movie. But when taken figuratively, as the video above points out, to appreciate and study and understand the past is the best tool we have for making effective changes in the future. That is the power of science, and it is awesome.

Via Dinosaur Tracking.
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