Doctor Who Continues After This (This Being Winter)

It just occurred to me that Clara, or Oswin, or whatever her name is, had a presence in the past, present and future. And that's all I've got. Not much of anything, if I'm being honest, but who cares? No one, not when we've got a new trailer for the second half of series seven to watch. Oh, isn't it all very pretty, what with the Gaimaniness, and reptilian lesbians and TARDIS insidy bits and Davos on a submarine.

Now, so far, if you include the Snowmen episode in season 7 thus far (and why shouldn't we), the show has had a fifty percent success rate in my opinion. That is not good. Less good if you include last year's christmas special in with this series as well, that bumps it up to a 57% rate of not goodness. So, eight episodes left, two of which will be written by Moffat, and 57 is the number to beat.

Luckily, Neil Gaiman counts for two all by his lonesome.
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