It's Predator, In A Storage Locker

You can see the influences of Storage 24 in this (red band, for violence) trailer for the film, starring Doctor Who's Noel Clarke, Once Upon A Time's Colin O’Donoghue, and Laura Haddock. It is Predator in a confined space, it is Alien not on a spaceship, it is District 13 in London, and without the heavyhanded political allegory. The question is, were those influences intentionally left obvious, as a homage, or is the film simply that derivative and formulaic?

Whether it is or not, this trailer does look very creepy in places, and is probably worth a look. Unless it isn't. If so, don't blame me. Blame them. There's the ones that done it. I'm just some poor sap on the internet who really wants his holidays to kick in.
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