Man Of Steel Trailer Does Nothing To Quell My Ills

So here is the first trailer for Man of Steel, and I'm pretty much done. Maybe I'll keep posting stuff as it comes, maybe I won't. But as I've said before, every time we've learned something about this film, every extra detail they feed us, it hasn't felt right. The more we know, the less it feels off. And setting aside the fact that for the first minute and a half of this trailer, I couldn't see any significant difference between the story this film will tell and Superman '79, this trailer tells me, and you, a lot about how the studio wants us to frame this film in our heads. Trailers are about building anticipation, and getting the audience prepared. Which is why some movies crash and burn based on the mishandling of the advertising, framing it in a completely different tone then the actual film.

And so, based on this trailer, the last ember of interest I had in Man of Steel has been extinguished. Because this trailer is a lot of things. It is slow, then fragmented. It shows a lot without giving anything away. But it isn't Superman.

This trailer is depressing, in the end. The music, the tone, the constant questioning and belittling of Superman. If emotions had directions, this trailer is looking down. That isn't Superman. Superman is about optimism. Superman is about overcoming. There is a reason he wears pastel colours and tights, and doesn't wear a mask. He wants people to watch him, to look up as he flies overhead. Why else would he fly so low? He personifies hope. He wears a big yellow "S" on his chest that draws the eye. The people on the street don't question his identity because they aren't looking at his face, they're looking at the "S". He's a big blue inspiration machine. And a Superman movie should embody that. What we've got here is Superman marketed the only way Warner Bros thinks it'll make money: if it were a Batman film.

Depression, introspection, self doubt all work for Batman. He literally represents the night. But Superman is a day time hero. Heroic journeys don't all have to be about self doubt, which is all this trailer suggest to us. Should he use his powers, how to use his powers, will he be feared, all not only questions no Superman movie or series ever needs to cover again, but they aren't questions Superman would ever ask. He may be curious as to his origins, but understands that for whatever reason he has his abilities, he has a responsibility to use them to greatest effect. His heroic journey lies in wanting to help too much, and learning to accept that despite being nearly a god, he has limitations, and to not let those limitations define him. It doesn't make him an uninteresting character if he has already established a personal identity, it makes him a more complete character. And even complete characters grow and change. Rewriting one of the most retold origin stories is not clever, it's more lazy then anything else.

I've said it before, Superman shouldn't be sad. And what I took away from this trailer was a sad Sups, and that doesn't interest me.
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