More Trek, More Dark

I have to say, I'm confused. As of late, "announcement trailers" are generally a couple seconds of footage culled from the actual trailer, and released some time beforehand. But having watched this second, longer trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, barely anything that was in last week's fabulous trailer is here. Some repeated footage, but mostly new stuff (including what might be a Klingon Bird of Prey), and an entirely new voice over from Admiral Pike, played by Bruce Greenwood, who is the only member of the cast who could have a voice-off with Cumberbatch (I would watch a movie of those two just talking at one another, if anyone is interested). So, effectively, they've just released two trailers within a week for a film that doesn't come out until May.

Oh well, at least this trailer has a single shot of Bones in it.

On a related note, last week I pegged Alice Eve as playing Nurse Chapel, given that she is wearing a medical blue uniform in the trailer. It has since been revealed she is playing Carol Marcus, who would also be wearing blue because I brain-farted and forgot blue is all of science division. Except I didn't consider Marcus because in the original timeline she wasn't part of Starfleet. However, I would like to say I approve, and this is the sort of material that reboots should cover, if reboots need to continue being a thing. We've seen the end of their relationship, but everything else is up for play. An untapped period in the character's history, that is what these sorts of films should be about, not just retelling the same stories that have already been told, over and over again. Because that is lazy.
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