Movies I'm Interested In Have Teaser Posters, Plus Man Of Steel

The first bit of marketing for Star Trek Into Darkness, just ahead of the teaser trailer (or IMAX footage) before The Hobbit, has arrived. Everyone else is giving it a hard time for ripping off Dark Knight Rises, and to be fair, my mind went immediately to there as well. But take a second look at that thing: it is gorgeous.

It tells us what we need to know going in: that Benedict Cumberbatch, who gets put front and centre over the series mainstays, will wrought unholy destruction upon the future. Some might look at this and think that Abrams is taking the series into the same cynical, dark recesses that Hollywood is currently devoted to, but I will argue against that point until I'm proven wrong. Star Trek has, even at it's darkest, always been about hope. The unwavering, unrelenting, optimistic belief that exploration and personal betterment win out. And this poster is just more of that.

When things get bad, you don't give up, you don't give in, and you don't make the darkness a part of you. You fly straight at it, straight into it as it were, and face it with phasers at the ready. The poster says more with what isn't included, among the smoke and ash and twisted metal. What comes next. The primary colours, the lens flares and the Enterprise.

Plus, it's a damned nice poster.

Hit the jump for a first look at Riddick. and Man of Steel.

I haven't mentioned it much (or, at all), but one movie I'm very much looking forward to is Riddick. I'm a fan of the character, of the universe that Vin Diesel and David Twohy have created for him, and despite the obvious Alien elements in Pitch Black, and the stunted self-censorship of Chronicles, I still count myself among the series' fans. It helps that the video games are so damned good. I was gladdened to hear the new film received the R rating the producers (and fans) wanted, so hopefully we'll see a more balanced blend of the previous offerings this time around. And now, the film has an official teaser poster, in French.

Then there is this thing. Apparently the full teaser for Man of Steel will also be attached to the Hobbit, and will, as this poster shows, paint the earth's reaction to Superman in more of a negative light (I gave up on the New 52, but wasn't this also part of the Superman relaunch in the comics?). What is interesting to know is that in this reboot, Superman's neck will apparently be made of reflective material. Kryptonian evolution, what can you do?

I will freely admit I have a major prejudice against this film, and will continue to have one until I see the film and am proven wrong. I'm only working on available data: previous attempts to bring Superman to film have been creative failures of varying degrees; Zack Synder's previous films have been visually rich with a general inability to illicit a subtle performance out of his actors; and every piece of information we have been given or has been discovered about this film thus far has not excited my interest in the least. The burdon is on the film to be interesting. That is my bias, and I'm sticking to it.

Plus, it's just a rubbish poster.

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