Muppet Update Makes Me Sad

Dammit. See, this is why I don't look forward to things. Because when things go bad, I'm not disappointed. I'd rather be surprised then disappointed, and I knew I should have followed my own rule. I mean, it's up there in the banner and everything.

On the heels of my list of celebrities I think really ought to be in the next Muppet film comes the news that Christoph Waltz has dropped out, due to scheduling. He will no longer be playing the Interpol agent that hunts the Muppets across Europe. This is tough news. But worse yet is who they've got to replace him:

Ty Burrell.

Some of you may be thinking "well, that's not so bad." And fine, if you feel that way, go right ahead. But I dislike Ty Burrell. Really dislike. I've never met the man, and I'm sure he's a fantastic human being, but I cannot stand him as an actor. Knowing he is involved with a project turns me almost immediately. I have no real explanation for how I feel, sometimes some people just rub you the wrong way, and I'm rubbed wrong by Burrell.

Now, there is no force in this or any other earth that would stop me from seeing the new Muppet film. But Burrell comes close. My last ray of hope is that the producers realise the Muppets should be the focus of a Muppet film, and not the humans (unlike last time), and that Burrell (who is also a safe and rather economic choice) has a minimal role.

And maybe he'll drop out before filming begins too. I suppose I could always hope for that.

Via /Film.
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