Showtime Is Shameless Sometimes

Showtime's programming block is made up largely of shows that, to be perfectly honest, are grating. It's not to say they aren't good, for the most part they are very good. But each of them has a hook, and they will flog that hook like a dead horse, season after season. And despite the fact that the characters might be engaging, or the situations might be entertaining, every time they flog that hook you have to resist throwing a show at the television. Yet week after week we continue to tune in, against our better natures, because we want to see what will happen to these people, forgiving the formulaic conclusions we will inevitably be given. Hank's man-whoring gets old fast in Californication, Dexter's... pretty much everything curdles that show every year after promising starts, even Homeland, the current critical darling, makes you want to pelt the cast with cellphone chargers from time to time.

And then there is Shameless, a show I did not enjoy in it's first year. And I cannot honestly tell you why I watched the second season, but I did, and enjoyed it, despite wanting every single member of the cast to die horribly, because they are all very dumb. So, with the approaching premier of season three, here are some things we can expect: Frank (William H. Macy) will be the most horrible person in the world; Fiona and Steve will be insufferable; Lip will continue to ignore his potential, while obsessing over Karen, unless she has properly left the series (please...); and Kev will continue to be just about the only decent person in the neighbourhood.

I'll still probably watch it. And I'll still want to take a tire iron to every one of them.
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