"The Burnout Rate Is 100%" [Updated]

[Update: the trailer, as had been linked above, didn't seem to want to work. As far as I can tell there was nothing wrong with the code, it just wanted to be difficult about it. So click onto the Kickstarter page to see the trailer, cause it is working over there].

And speaking of running a television program, here there is a trailer for a Kickstarter campaign, for the documentary Showrunners. It's a look at the men and women who are in charge of every aspect of a TV show, from maintaining the creative side of things, to dealing with the studio and business interests. A job that balances the artistic validity of a project with its profitability, and gods that sounds like hell.

Featuring interviews with the likes of Joss Whedon, Shawn Ryan, Jane Espenson, and dozens of others that do now, or have done, run shows, as well as some actors and other crew from high profile projects. Some were successful shows, other weren't, and the documentary intends to highlight the strange and difficult existence that is that of a showrunner, equal parts the master of all things, and the servant to all. The interviews have all been conducted, but the filmmakers need our help to raise the funds to finish the thing, so they can get it out to festivals and home release. And they should. And not just because I really want to see it. but because others probably do as well.

Before the internet really took off, showrunners weren't a position that was generally known. Sometimes it's the creator of the series, but not always, or not for long. Like a Chief of Staff, because of the stress of the job, it can have a high rate of turnover. But the internet came along, and people like Damon Lindleof had such a huge web presence during the run of LOST, and interacted with fans to an extent never seen before that the showrunner has in the modern day become something of the spokesperson for the show as well, and carries the blunt of the blame when something goes bad, in the fan's mind (I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that Joss Whedon was probably the first showrunner who attracted large and specific attention to the position, simply through his affability).

As of the 6th of Dec, they're not quite at a quarter of their goal, but they've got until Christmas. Head over to Kickstarter and give what you can, if you're into this sort of thing. And even if you're not, give some anyways. It'll make the rest of us stop harping on it.

Via /Film.
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